Module development utilities
Error ReportCollection examples

What can help you write/test/improve your module(s)

Here is a list of modules that you can find in the Raku ecosystem which aim to make the experience of developing Raku modules more fun.

Module builder and authoring tools

Some modules and tools to help you with generating files that are part of a module distribution.


Some tests of module quality.

  • Test::META Test your META6.json file

  • Test::Output Test the output to STDOUT and STDERR your program generates

  • Test::Screen Use GNU screen to test full screen VT applications

  • Test::When Control when your tests are run (author testing, online testing, etc.)


Here some modules to help you work with NativeCall.

Sample modules

Modules that exist only as minimalist examples, tests for installers, or skeletons.

  • Foo A module with two distributions of different versions