class X::OutOfRange

class X::OutOfRange

Error due to indexing outside of an allowed range

class X::OutOfRange is Exception { }

General error when something (for example an array index) is out of an allowed range.

For example

say 42[2];
CATCH { default { put .^name''.Str } };
# OUTPUT: «X::OutOfRange: Index out of range. Is: 2, should be in 0..0␤»

since scalars generally act as a one-element list.


method what

method what(--> Str:D)

Verbal description of the thing that was out of range (e.g. "array index", "month").

method got

method got()

Returns the object that was considered out of range (often an integer)

method range

method range(--> Range:D)

Returns a Range object describing the permissible range for the object returned from .got.

method comment

method comment(--> Str)

Returns an additional comment that is included in the error message.