Raku Documentation

Raku Documentation

Welcome to the alternative[1] official documentation of the Raku programming language!

Besides online browsing and searching, you can also contribute by reporting issues or sending patches.

  • Language Reference & Tutorials

    A collection of documents describing, in detail, the various conceptual parts of the language.

  • Website table of contents

    A Table of Contents for all the files in this documentation.

  • Website itemized index

    An index (or glossary) of all the items indexed in each of the documentation files.

  • Type Reference

    Index of built-in classes, roles and enums.

  • Raku Programs

    A collection of documents describing the variables that affect the the Raku executable, how to run the p6doc documentation front-end, how to debug Raku programs, and how to hack on Raku source code.

  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    A collection of questions that have cropped up often, along with answers.

  • Community

    Information about the Raku development community, email lists, IRC and IRC bots, and blogs

The Raku homepage offers a comprehensive list of Raku resources, including tutorials, and how-tos.

You may be interested in the Community page on the main Raku website.

Raku compiler developers may also be interested in The RakuSpecification.

Part of this official documentation has been translated into Chinese. Here's the index to the pages that have been translated.

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