class FatRat
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Rational number (arbitrary-precision)

class FatRat is Cool does Rational[IntInt{}

A FatRat is a rational number stored with arbitrary size numerator and denominator. Arithmetic operations involving a FatRat and optionally Int or Rat objects return a FatRat, avoiding loss of precision.

Since, unlike Rat, FatRat arithmetics do not fall back Num at some point, there is a risk that repeated arithmetic operations generate pathologically large numerators and denominators.

There are two common ways to generate FatRat objects: through the FatRat.new(Int, Int) constructor, which generates them from numerator and denominator, or by calling the .FatRat method on an Int or Rat object.


method raku

multi method raku(FatRat:D: --> Str:D)

Returns an implementation-specific string that produces an equivalent object when given to EVAL.

say FatRat.new(12).raku# OUTPUT: «FatRat.new(1, 2)␤»